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HBMA Creates State Representative Network
Be a Part of This Unique Service to HBMA Members

By Bill Carns, HBMA Technology Chair, and John Howard, Ph.D.

HBMA is in the process of developing a network of state representatives to work with the six HBMA regional chairs. State Representative Network members will work on the many issues unique to each state and/or MAC activities within each of the Medicare MAC regions.

The State Representative Network is part of HBMA’s total ongoing effort to be the premier industry resource. You can join the effort! By volunteering to serve our association in such a productive and important fashion, you will be of great service to all members within your state.

The regional chairs and Government Relations Committee have developed areas in which each state representative can provide valuable contributions. Here are the initial duties and responsibilities of representatives:

  1. Review your state’s HBMA web page on a monthly basis to be sure the information reflected on this page is accurate and current (i.e., insurance information, billing regulations). Report any findings to your regional chairperson who will make the necessary corrections.
  2. Review state legislative issues identified by the HBMA legislative and regulatory reporting service, sent to you each Friday, and report any issues that may affect HBMA members to Kathryn Canny ( She will determine if the issue needs to be brought to the attention of the HBMA Government Relations Committee.
  3. Work with HBMA members in your state to identify issues with commercial insurance carriers and report them to HBMA Commercial Payor Relations Committee Chair Sherri Dumford, ( The Committee will then proceed in developing processes to resolve such issues with the carrier and look for similar issues in other states.

You will be invited (at your own expense) to attend the annual “Hill Day” in Washington, DC, organized by the HBMA Government Relations Committee. Our Washington office will assist in making appointments with the appropriate legislative representatives from your district and state. You will be provided with important resources to assist with this visit.

We look forward to this additional service for HBMA members and hope you will join to make the effort a success. To view the current list of state representatives, go to

If you are interested in serving HBMA in this capacity please send an email to Michelle Botana ( of your interest. Michelle will provide your information to the chair of your region.

You Can Make a Difference
Join the HBMA Board!

HBMA is calling for nominations to the Board of Directors, and there could not be a more exciting and rewarding time to get involved. The enthusiasm, excitement, spirit of collaboration, and professional camaraderie associated with the advancement of our association is truly contagious. We’ve come so far—and talented and spirited leaders are needed to ensure that we continue to make progress.
Serving on the Board offers a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in the growth and direction of our association and our industry. As a Board member you will be exposed to the early developments of issues that affect our organization and you will experience professional growth and recognition at a national level. Become involved! Make a difference!

Some of the responsibilities of the position include:

  • Participate as a voting member of the Board of Directors to develop and implement policies guiding and governing HBMA with respect to the strategic plan and to ensure fiscally-responsible decision-making.
  • Serve as board liaison to a standing committee responsible for implementation of a particular aspect of the HBMA strategic plan.
  • Volunteer time and energy to help accomplish organizational goals.
  • Ensure necessary resources are deployed to accomplish the mission of HBMA.

If have any questions or would like to investigate the opportunity further before submitting your name, don’t hesitate to contact any current Board member and they will be happy to assist.

To submit your name or the name of another HBMA Member for nomination to the Board, contact Michelle Botana at HBMA National Office at or call 877-640-4262.

Best Regards,

HBMA Nominations Committee


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