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Exam Requirements


The CHBME program is designed for owners, senior management, and compliance professionals who are in the corporate or individual HBMA Member category. Participants in the CHBME program have three years to earn the 60 Continuing Education Units (CEU) necessary to take the exam. After achieving the required educational credits, candidates must pass a 100 question multiple-choice written exam. 

60 percent of credit hours (at least 36 credits) must be from HBMA sponsored programs. HBMA offers a variety of annual educational programs to earn credits toward your CHBME. 

  • HBMA Sponsors Hours
  • Required attendance at one live HBMA Conference in a three-year cycle.
  • HBMA Committee or Board Members: Three credit hours per year up to nine hours total in a three-year cycle.
  • HBMA Course Instructors: Three credit hours for each instructional hour with a maximum of 27 credits per three-year renewal cycle.
  • Contributing Written Articles: Three credit hours per article published in an HBMA publication.
  • Quizzes in RCM Advisor Journal: One credit per quiz. Maximum of six hours per year; 18 hours total in a three-year cycle.

Up to 40 percent of credit hours* (maximum of 24 credits) can be from non-HBMA sponsored programs.

*Certificants must submit certificates of attendance to HBMA to be awarded credit

Members can review their current credits and easily identify what credits are still needed by accessing their "My CHBME" page in their personal account.