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5 Minutes with... Sherri L. Dumford, MBA, CHBME, Director of Operations & External Affairs


HBMA's Director of Operations, Sherri Dumford, is interviewed by BC Advantage Medical Office Profession Magazine in November 2012. 

I actually entered into the physician billing industry, like many people in this business, quite by accident. I was working full-time as an Administrative Assistant for the Medical Director of a large emergency medicine practice in Ohio and going to college in the evening. One day, he was at his wits-end with his Billing Manager. He stormed in with a pronouncement, "Dumford, you are my new billing manager!" Over time and through acquisition, we finally operated eight free-standing emergency centers. Through this growth, came the opportunity to be promoted where I ultimately served as Vice President of Operations for Universal Health Corporation out of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Click to read more

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