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HBMA Commercial Payor Relations Committee Works With Major Payors To Improve Administrative Simplification


Meetings Established with Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, Wellpoint and CIGNA

LAGUNA BEACH, California – August 6, 2012 – The Healthcare Billing & Management Association (, the premiere, non-profit educational resource and advocacy group representing third-party medical billing companies and billing professionals, announced today that its Commercial Payor Relations Committee (CPR) has established various meetings with Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, Wellpoint, CIGNA and others to address the current challenges of administrative simplification.

HBMA is interested in finding ways to ease the burden on the provider and to improve the provider reimbursement process, and the CPR Committee for HBMA is charged with establishing meaningful relationships with payors through cooperative initiatives that have positive impact for members and the industry. Information gathered from these meetings will be used to educate both payors and providers on ways to improve processes and open a forum for continued dialogue on process improvements.

Agendas will focus on the top three areas identified in CPR’s Issues Brief which includes survey-based results by HBMA’s membership.

CPR’s Chair, Jeanne A Gilreath said, “These meetings will open ongoing dialogue with UnitedHealthcare, Wellpoint, CIGNA and other companies in the areas of ICD-10, provider enrollment, appeals process and payment reform models, and adds to our already effective and strategic relationship with team Aetna which we have had for more than a year.”

HBMA welcomes the opportunity to speak with other major payors about this process. Interested companies are invited to contact Sherri Dumford at or 877/640.4262.

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