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Healthcare Billing & Management Association Expands Government Relations Committee


Healthcare Billing & Management Association

Expands Government Relations Committee

Association dedicates additional resources to educate and drive key program initiatives addressing regulatory issues surrounding medical billing

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. – February 28, 2012 – The Healthcare Billing & Management Association (HBMA), a non-profit educational resource and advocacy group representing third-party medical billers and billing professionals, today announced the formation of an enhanced government relations committee. The mission of this standing committee is to collaborate with the public sector and industry stakeholders to promote a range of policy recommendations, outreach programs, communication tools, educational resources and other measures intended to improve distinct aspects of medical billing.

Prompted by the steadfast increase in regulatory activity and scrutiny in the years ahead, the HBMA Government Relations Committee, led by committee chair Randal Roat, CHBME, will include 12 additional regional chairs to work with regional Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC) throughout the country and key stakeholders in Washington D.C. Bill Finerfrock of Capitol Associates, HBMA’s legislative consultant, has an expanded role as Director of Government Affairs for the team of nearly 30 members.

“One of our mainstays to HBMA’s members and industry stakeholders is to drive vital program initiatives and address regulatory issues affecting medical billing, compliance and administrative simplification,” says Roat. “The future of the billing industry will be increasingly predicated by government activity. The strengthened focus and consistency of this new operating model will better facilitate the relationships and activities required for survival in a much more regulated environment.”

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A non-profit, member-led trade association, the Healthcare Billing & Management Association (HBMA) represents more than 30,000 employees at well over 700 third-party medical billing firms. Annually, HBMA companies submit more than 350 million initial claims on behalf of hospital-based physicians, office-based physicians and other allied healthcare providers. Founded in 1993, HBMA and its members foster personal development, advocate on the behalf of the profession, and promote cooperation through a wide range of business resources, educational events, networking opportunities, certification programs and adherence to the Medical Biller’s Code of Ethics. As the only trade association representing the interests of medical billers in Washington D.C., HBMA works with legislative stakeholders and federal agencies to improve the business of medical billing and the practice of healthcare. Learn more about how HBMA is elevating the medical billing profession at


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