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Healthcare Billing & Management Association unveils Professional Billing Service Locator


Free, Automated Service Matches Physicians Owners and Medical Practice Administrators with the
Most Appropriate, Qualified Medical Billing Organizations in their Region

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – August 27, 2013 – The Healthcare Billing & Management Association (HBMA), recognized as the most influential healthcare revenue and management services association in the nation, unveiled its Professional Billing Service Locator (PBSL) service, a free, automated platform that provides an efficient way for physician owners and medical practice administrators to easily find a trusted, professional medical billing partner.

HBMA developed the offering to help providers with the arduous task of navigating through the thousands of medical billing companies on the market to find a medical billing organization that can meet their specific needs. After registration, the PBSL will immediately identify the specialties, service details, and contact information of the most relevant and qualified medical billing companies in the region that fit a medical practice’s specific profile.

"Healthcare providers continually search for ways to remain profitable while providing the best care for their patients," said Brad Lund, executive director for HBMA. "Finding that perfect match with the right professional billing service will help providers secure appropriate reimbursement for services delivered, achieve timely claims adjudication, and reduce claims denials to lessen days in accounts receivable."

Approximately 80% of all third-party medical billing claims submitted on behalf of U.S. providers are managed by HBMA member companies. Many individual HBMA members hold the distinction of CHBME, a certification program designed to encourage excellence within the membership and the medical billing industry. To achieve CHBME status, a member must complete 74 credit hours of continuing education.

To learn more or use the free service, visit the Professional Billing Service Locator page or call 877.640.4262.

About HBMA

HBMA is a key stakeholder in the $38 billion physician revenue cycle management industry, and represents more than 30,000 employees at well over 700 third-party medical billing firms and first-party billers. Every year, HBMA members submit more than 350 million initial claims on behalf of both hospital and office-based physicians, and other allied healthcare providers.

Fran Cashen, HBMA Public Relations, 949-735-5641

Brad Lund, HBMA Executive Director, 877-640-4262

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