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Understanding Healthcare from a Politician's Perspective: An Intriguing Interview with Newt Gingrich

Newt GingrichAt the time this article was written (October 30, 2012), there are potential cuts to the physician fee schedule that could dramatically impact how physicians practice medicine and even whether or not they keep their doors open. By the time you read this, an intervention by Congress is possible and something we are all hoping for. Sean M. Weiss

EXCLUSIVE interview was held at the 2012 HBMA annual conference, Washington, DC. Visit for more information.

For 18 years I have been blessed personally and professionally to be able to surround myself with not only exceptional people but also with some of the brightest minds.

Recently I had the honor and privilege of spending time with former Speaker of The House and Republican Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich at the HBMA conference in Washington D.C. where Mr. Gingrich was the Key Note.

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