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September - October 2016 •
Volume 21, Issue 5

Secure Messaging Improves Compliance and Efficiency
Cover Story
By Paul Bernard, MBA
Let's be honest: since its inception, the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA) has caused many headaches for healthcare providers and billing companies alike. There is no doubt that standardizing rules around patient privacy and the security of patient information is important, but it does add an entire layer of extra work and training for everyone in healthcare. Click for more

Let's Talk HBMA Value
President's Message
By Holly Louie, RN, CHBME
Let's Talk HBMA Value Recently I've heard a number of members and past members opine that HBMA is "too expensive," that they're "not getting their money's worth," or similar sentiments. When I hear those types of comments, I want to better understand the all-important "why?" Click for more

HBMA Members Sound Off on Hot Topics
By Billing Editors
How Have You Implemented Automation Into Your Company's Processes? Click for more

News & Notes
News for HBMA Members
By Billing Editors
HBMA Members Cast Their Votes to Fill Open Seats on Board of Directors Click for more

Member Value Program
By Billing Editors
The HBMA Member Value Program (MVP) expands and enhances the value of HBMA membership. Below are the discounts available to all HBMA members for a variety of products and services... Click for more

The Issue of Overpayments
Feature Story
By Mark A. Cunningham
Usually when you find that crumpled $20 bill in the pocket of your favorite pair of jeans, you get a smile on your face. It is an unexpected find. Maybe you remember how it got there. Maybe you don't. Regardless, it is in your jeans, and it is yours now – even if it might not have been yours in the first place! Click for more

Automate Collections to Meet Challenges of Industry Trends
Consumer-friendly Payment Options for Billing Companies
By Mark Snow
Industry trends featured in the Trends in Healthcare Payments Sixth Annual Report: 2015 are telling us that consumers have become a critical new stakeholder in the healthcare industry, challenging the way many in the industry currently do business. Click for more

Electronic Clinical Attachments
Addressing the Growing Demand for a Standardized Mechanism to Exchange Clinical Data
By the American Medical Association
In order to successfully receive payment for patient services, healthcare providers often must provide clinical documentation to support claims sent to payors. To help improve the efficiency of this process, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) called for the creation of a standardized electronic attachment for use throughout the health care industry Click for more

Five Standards... One Unbreakable Link
How CHMB Connects with Their Customers
By Phebe Jones
CHMB's history of providing great customer service has been a key to our success over the years. But as we grow and change, we need to ensure that our customers' experiences grow along with us. Click for more

The Critical Need to Be Fully Complaint with IRC §501(r)
Understanding an Important Tax Code Update
By Karen L. Henderson, CPA
Effective for tax years beginning on or after December 29, 2015, all tax-exempt hospital organizations, their hospital facilities, and substantially related entities will need to be fully compliant with Internal Revenue Code (IRC) §501(r). Click for more

Billing for Medications
Coding Corner
By Jackie Miller, RHIA, CCS-P, CPC
Billing for medications has been a common topic of conversation since the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) moved earlier this year to standardize billing for discarded drugs across contractor jurisdictions. Click for more

Sparklines Part 1
By Nate Moore, CPA, MBA, CMPE
I hope you have enjoyed the last four Billing articles with charting tips. In this issue, I will introduce Sparklines. A Sparkline is like a chart that fits inside a cell. Sparklines are a concise way to provide context for a number in a cell and are especially useful when creating dashboards. Click for more

What Lies Ahead: My Predictions for 2016 and Beyond
From the Road
By Dave Jakielo
Contrary to the rumors that have circulated in the past few years, medical billing companies will not become obsolete. As a matter of fact, our services and expertise will become even more valuable as long as we understand the need to transition from the core competency of just offering "medical billing" and expand into offering "practice management" services. Click for more

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