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November - December 2008 •
Volume 13, Issue 6

That HBMA Feeling: Belonging
Message from the President
Ken Goodin, CHBME
As we end the year that most notably commemorated the HBMAs 15th Anniversary, I am prompted to reflect on many things. The past several years have brought so much change, and most of what has occurred has affected us simultaneously both professionally and personally. Click for more

The Tangled Web of Claim Payments
How Managed Care Contracts Kill Your Revenue
By Mick Raich
The goal of this article is to help billing companies understand how their physicians’ managed care contracts are interconnected and how these interconnected contracts are designed to keep payment for services intentionally confusing. Click for more

News from Around the World of HBMA
Billing Editors
Technology Committee: Committee Spotlight; A Boost for Your Business Operations: New coding organization offers benefits to HBMA members; Help for Kids Heading to College: March 31 Deadline for Marion Financial Corp. Scholarship Click for more

Safeguarding Identity
“Red Flags” Rule Postponed
By James Wieland
“Red Flags” are suspicious documents or events in connection with covered accounts that may indicate an identity theft. The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) “Red Flags” rule, as discussed in previous HBMA communications and the recent HBMA Town Hall Meeting, requires “financial institutions” and “creditors” with “covered accounts” to develop and implement a written program to detect and deal with identity theft. Click for more

Not Your Boring Lockbox
New solutions to automate remittance processing
By James Moynihan, CHBME, SVP U.S. Bank,
Lockboxes are not just about “float” anymore. Banks have moved from simple depository services to producing both image files and posting files. Billing companies should take a lockbox tour and learn about new solutions to automate remittance processing. What are these new lockboxes and why are they used? Click for more

Marketing Matters
Branding Is More Than a Name
By Peggy Wagner, CRA
What is branding and why is it important for a billing company? Yes, it’s your name, logo, and colors. But real branding is much more. A brand is symbolic of all the information connected to a billing company. Branding encompasses your strengths, services, competencies, culture, competitive advantages, and commitment. Through branding, you clearly define and communicate what you stand for. Click for more

Charges for Nonphysician Practitioners
Are You Billing “Incident-to” Correctly?
By Melody W. Mulaik, MSHS, PCS, FCS, RCC
Billing companies face many challenges in terms of educating physicians and providing appropriate and accurate guidance for documentation and billing practices. One such continuing challenge is ensuring the appropriate billing for non-physician practitioners. Many physician groups count on non-physician practitioners and other personnel to assist them in taking care of patients. Click for more

Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You?
Procedures for Subpoenas and Search Warrants
By Lynne Kottman, CHBME, CCP
The majority of our clients practice in emergency departments and because our office serves as the repository of their billing records, our staff frequently responds to subpoenas for records for both criminal and civil cases. One of the results of our constant dealings with subpoenas has been a heightened awareness of the possibility that our offices might receive a “visit” from a government official with a subpoena or a search warrant. Click for more

It May Not Be the Economy
“You Just May Need To Sharpen Your Saw”
By David F. Jakielo, CHBME
Well, in case you haven’t noticed, the economy has been in the news lately. If you have had enough nerve to open your recent 401K statement, I’ll bet you’ve found your retirement target date has just been pushed back. I know, based on the past few quarters, I now plan to retire five years after I’m dead. Click for more

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