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July - August 2009 •
Volume 14, Issue 4

“Leadership Thoughts”
Message from the President
Randal Roat, CHBME
As I contemplate our industry, the economy, and the mood of our country in general, I find myself confident that “the sun will shine tomorrow” but wondering if it will still rise in the East! The pace of change is simply amazing, and after pondering the philosophical and practical strategies to navigate change (as I am prone to do), I return to the obvious: leadership and communication. Click for more

Five Questions and Answers That Will Change Your Life Forever
Fall Conference: Sneak Preview
By Howard M. Cox, CPA, CMA, CIA
The following is a preview of Mr. Cox’s presentation at the HBMA’s Fall Annual Conference on September 23-25, 2009, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Click for more

News from Around the World of HBMA
Billing Editors
HBMA’s Growing Voice on Capitol Hill; Annual Auction and Fundraising Special Event at the HBMA 2009 Fall Conference Click for more

Cast Your Ballot!
Nominations for HBMA Board of Directors
Billing Editors
Voting takes place at the Annual Fall Meeting to select five new Board members Click for more

Spotlight On: The HBMA Awards Committee
Participation Has Its Rewards
Billing Editors
As a volunteer membership association, HBMA depends upon its members to donate time, experience, and knowledge to create first the appropriate vision for the organization—and then to make this vision a reality. Click for more

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?
And What You Can Do to Become One
By Robert E. Mittelstaedt, Jr.
I'm old enough to remember the Pete Seeger ballad “Where have all the flowers gone?” recorded by a number of different groups in the 1960s. I had short hair then, wore a uniform, and drove nuclear submarines, so don’t read an anti-war message into my fondness for the song’s lyrics. But it’s one of those songs that sticks in your head. And in recent years it has stuck in my head in a new version: “Where have all the leaders gone?” Click for more

Making It Work
Billers Discuss Best Practices in Document Management
By Leslie Haywood
Document management (scanning, storing, and retrieving of paper and electronic documents) is a growing trend in the medical billing industry. Many of you are probably using some type of system already, whether it is an in-house version or purchased service. But are you getting the most from your document management software? Click for more

Beware the Long Reach of the Prosecutor
FERA May Cause Complications for Billing Companies
By Robert B. Burleigh, CHBME
Congress passed, and on May 20, 2009, the President signed into law, the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009 (“FERA”). Congress’ motivation in passing this legislation was directly related to the mortgage-fraud crisis and a variety of other banking and financial-system schemes that were not directly under federal jurisdiction until FERA was passed. Click for more

No Really—You Can Bill for It
Coding for Prolonged Services and Tobacco Cessation Counseling
By Melody W. Mulaik, MSHS, PCS, FCS, RCC, CPC, CPC-H
It is frustrating to tell physicians, coders, and billing companies that they can’t bill for a service or procedure. However, many times that is what must occur. Instead of focusing on items that can’t be separately billed, this article will address two specific services that many organizations inadvertently omit during the coding and billing process: prolonged services and tobacco cessation counseling. Click for more

Some Things I Think—I Think
What’s in Store for Healthcare?
By David F. Jakielo, CHBME
Now that over half the year has pased and we have a new administration in place, hardly a day goes by without a headline about healthcare reform in some newspaper, magazine, or blog. Although the media mentions healthcare daily, no concrete plans have surfaced. That means it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s going on in the various committees that are searching for viable solutions. Click for more

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