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May - June 2010 •
Volume 15, Issue 3

The Human Resource Deadly Sins
Main Feature
By Howard M. Cox, CPA, CMA, CIA
Most entrepreneurs and executives agree that the hardest thing to get right in business is the human equation. From my 27 years of experience in the business world as a business owner, a business executive, a board member and advisor, I have organized the most common HR mistakes into the following categories: Click for more

The Value of Tension
President's Message
By Scott Everson, CHBME, HBMA President
Rough waters require steering skills... Click for more

HBMA Spring Conference Offered Hot Topics
HBMA 2010 Spring Conference Wrapup
By Rita Goldberg
How often do you get a chance to get away and have loads of fun while learning about the latest trends affecting your business? Twice a year, if you're an HBMA member! And one of those times, recently occurred at the elegant Waterfront Marriott in Baltimore, Maryland. Click for more

The Valuation of Medical Billing Companies
Factors Influencing the Valuation Multiple
By Kirk Rebane
Historically, most shareholders of a privately held, third-party, healthcare billing company recognized the significance of such an investment from an income-production standpoint. Few owners, however, realized that such an investment had value as a tradable commodity that could be valuated beyond its income potential. Click for more

Can New Insights Resolve Concerns Over ICD-10 and 5010 Transitions?
ICD-10 and 5010
By Holly Louie and Randal Roat
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently hosted its ICD-10 Vendor Conference, designed to explore readiness, barriers to success and testing. Among the selected group of invited speakers were Healthcare Billing & Management Association (HBMA) Board Member Holly Louie and Immediate Past President Randal Roat, who share insights into the discoveries emerging from this conference, and perspectives on what needs to be done to move forward. Click for more

Primer on Payment Methodologies
Coding Corner
By Jackie Miller, RHIA, CCS-P, CPC
Billing managers often get questions from their physician clients about whether a particular procedure pays more in the office setting or in the hospital setting. For example, sometimes the physician wants a new scanner or other device and is wondering whether it makes more sense to buy it and put it in his office or to ask the hospital to purchase it. Click for more

Patient's Privacy is High Priority
By Lynne Kottman, CHBME, CCP
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) found in Title XIII, created the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act or the HITECH Act. Much of the discussion of the HITECH Act in the medical community focuses on the carrot of potential payments to providers for adopting electronic medical records. Click for more

The Path of My Presidency
Forging Friendships Along the Way
By Kenneth R. Goodin, CPA
When I was asked by Don Rodden, Chair of our Publications Committee, to consider writing a brief article reflecting on my term as President of our Association, my first thought was that it would be a challenge to be brief. After all, my experience in this leadership role was a culmination of five years of service on the HBMA Board of Directors which began after a lot of "hard selling" by people like Bob Burleigh, David Purvis and Tim Maher. Click for more

Why Growth is More Important than Ever and How to Achieve It
From the Road
By Dave Jakielo, CHBME
It goes without saying these are tumultuous times in the healthcare industry and even well established companies who have enjoyed a stable client base find themselves traveling in uncharted waters. Click for more

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