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May - June 2011 •
Volume 16, Issue 3

What to Do When the RAC Attacks
Featured Article
By Paul W. Kim, JD, MPH and James B. Wieland, JD
The CMS bounty hunters are on the loose, and they could come knocking on the door of one of your clients. What can you do? Help your clients get ready for an audit by following the steps below, and educate them as to how the appeal process works. Then get your company ready for the support role it will likely play. Click for more

Change is the New Normal!
President's Message
By Jackie Willett, CHBME
The Spring Conference in San Antonio, Texas was a success! I really must recognize our amazing members and remarkable vendor partners! Thank you to our vendors who support HBMA in such an astounding manner-even by helping us learn to line dance (if you weren't in SA you won't understand that comment!) If you were not able to attend, we missed you. Please mark your calendar to join us in Las Vegas for our Annual Fall Conference which will be held from September 14 through September 16. Click for more

News from Around the World of HBMA
Billing Editors
HBMA Spotlight! Congratulations to Brad Lund and Jud Neal; Newly Minted HBMA Members Click for more

HBMA Milestones
Celebrating HBMA Members of 15+ years
Billing Editors
HBMA, initially called International Billing Association (IBA), was formally organized in 1993 after a handful of companies attended a meeting in 1992. Since this issue of Billing identifies new members and first time attendees at the Spring Conference, we thought we should recognize those members who have been part of the organization for 15+ years. Click for more

Regional Development and Membership Committee
Committee Profile
By Sara Nofziger-Drew, CHBME, Chair
The Regional Development and Membership Committee (RDM) is primarily responsible for retaining and increasing HBMA membership. The committee is actively involved in welcoming new members, running the Mentoring-a-Member program, building our network of contacts and participating in committees on behalf of HBMA such as the CMS MedLearn workgroup and Provider Outreach and Education groups within the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) regions. Click for more

Sound Off!
HBMA Members Sound Off on Billing Industry Issues
Billing Editors
Topic: Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Back Office Functions Click for more

San Antonio Overview
HBMA Spring 2011 Conference
Billing Editors
The 2011 Spring Conference was another high quality HBMA educational experience. The sessions were presented by seasoned professionals who are well versed in our industry. Topics were all timely and relevant. There were opportunities for networking and even line dancing lessons. Click for more

After Hours Fun at the Buckhorn Saloon & Museum
Special Event Fun at the HBMA Spring 2011 Conference
Billing Editors
On Monday night, we all became Texas cowboys and cowgirls thanks to the sponsorship of Gateway EDI and Global Healthcare Resources. The Buckhorn Saloon & Museum is like nothing you've ever seen before... Click for more

Brand You!
Building and Protecting Your Personal Brand
By Don Yaeger
When you hear the name Starbucks, what comes to mind? What about Saks Fifth Avenue or even Fenway Park? Your perception is different than mine, which is different than my neighbor's. But we all have perceptions. We evaluate these entities – these brands – according to our own experiences with them. So while I enjoy Starbucks as a staple of my everyday life, you may think of it as an overpriced, overrated coffee shop. Click for more

To Sell or Not to Sell
By Dave Jakielo, CHBME
The evolution of the medical billing industry over the past few decades presents an interesting story. There are some similarities as to how most companies have gotten to where they are today. Click for more

Reducing Rework and Improving Operation Efficiency
By Sara Larch
As Jackie Willett emphasized in her HBMA President's Message in a recent issue of Billing, it is important for every organization to pursue increased operational efficiency. She mentioned reviewing procedures and processes and communicating well with your clients. Both of those suggestions reminded me that reducing rework is a topic that often needs repeated focus. Click for more

RAC Issues Targeting Physicans
Coding Corner
By Melody W. Mulaik, MSHS, CPC, CPC-H, RCC, PCS, FCS
One of the many challenges for third party billing companies is the ever-changing landscape that you must help navigate your clients through. In addition to seeking appropriate reimbursement, it is beneficial to you and your clients to ensure that they are "audit-proof" against the many organizations that are conducting a variety of claim reviews. This article will focus on Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) and some of the key areas that are under review for physician services. Click for more

The Medicare Learning Network®
Feature Article
By Valerie Haugen
Medicare providers and their billers often find themselves at a loss when it comes to keeping pace with the latest changes in Medicare policy. One place where you can have access to all Medicare educational information is The Medicare Learning Network® (MLN) – the home for official information for Medicare Fee-For-Service providers and their billing/coding staff. Click for more

Electronic Medical Records: Client/Server or SaaS/ASP?
EHR Issues
By Mark R. Anderson, CPHIMS, FHIMSS
When buying Electronic Health/Medical Record (EHR) Software, which is better, an Application Service Provider (ASP), Service as a Solution (SaaS) or Client/Server? Unfortunately there is no right answer. You will need to decide what is important to your organization and to your client's practice and what is not. In this article we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of each model so you will be able to make an educated decision when the time comes to purchase and deliver an EHR software solution to your clients. Click for more

On Your Mark, Get Set… Not So Fast
Sorting Out Possible Effective Dates for PPACA Provisions
By Missy Lovell
In a proposed rule that was published September 23, 2010, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) asked for comments from the healthcare community on proposed screening requirements (which include background checks) for providers and suppliers who enroll and participate in Medicare and Medicaid, and a compliance program requirement. Click for more

Spring Renewal
Out with the Cost, In with the Profits
By Dave Jakielo, CHBME
Spring has finally sprung and it is a time when the flora and fauna of the Northeast are coming back to life. I always look at spring as a time for renewal in nature. It is a great time for renewal in our businesses as well. Click for more

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