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November - December 2015 •
Volume 20, Issue 6

What a Year It's Been!
President's Message
By Curt Cvikota, CHBME
Welcome to my final president's message. It's hard to believe that fall is here. It seems like yesterday that I was composing my first letter to you, introducing myself as the new president of HBMA. Click for more

HBMA Members Sound Off on Hot Topics
By Billing Editors
TOPIC: Besides billing, what other services do you provide to boost your organization's income? Click for more

ICD-10 Is Here... Are You On Track?
Cover Feature
By John Verhovshek
There's no turning back now. ICD-10 finally made it to implementation. Many organizations still have a lot to do to be compliant. It's important to know where your organization stands now that ICD-10 is live. Let's take a look at what you can do to get on track. Click for more

Is It Time to Switch to Windows 10?
Adoption Should Come Sooner Rather than Later
By Randy Johnston
There are many questions surrounding the release and implementation of Windows 10. What can you expect in the new operating system? Will it improve security? Why is Microsoft giving this product away?... Click for more

Client Relationships: One Size Does Not Fit All
Understand the Different Types of Providers
By Paul Bernard
The most important ingredient to a medical billing company's success is its ability to foster and grow productive client relationships. While it's true that we are in a numbers business and numbers matter a great deal, it is perhaps equally important to build client relationships based on trust, transparency, and alignment of priorities. Click for more

Keep More Business with Comparative Data
Show Value to Your Clients and Prospects
By Amber Civitarese
As changes in the healthcare landscape drive health-care providers to outsource their revenue cycle management functions, establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with your clients is more important than ever. Click for more

Six Steps to Practice Management System Selection
Get the Benefits of Automation
By the American Medical Association
Physician practices can save significant time and expense by electronically performing routine administrative functions, such as verifying patient eligibility and contacting health insurers about the status of a claim. However, practices need the right technology to achieve these gains in efficiency. Click for more

The Top Three Essentials of Payment Security in Healthcare
Alleviate the Burdens of Compliance
By Jeff Lin
A March 20 Washington Post article deemed 2015 "the year of the healthcare hack," with multiple large-scale breaches already compromising the data of more than 100 million US consumers. An issue compounding healthcare's vulnerability is the rapid increase of patient payment responsibility due to more high-deductible health plans and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Click for more

Four Ways to Ease the Transition to the Healthcare EFT Standard
Switching Doesn't Have to Be Difficult
By Priscilla Holland
Healthcare electronic funds transfers (EFTs) via ACH, the Healthcare EFT Standard, can make practice management easier and more affordable – and switching doesn't have to be difficult. Click for more

Are You Thankful for Your Employees?
Show Them Through Training and Development
By Michelle Ann Richards, BSHA, CPC, CPCO, CPMA, CPPM
During Thanksgiving it's customary to reflect on the things we're thankful for, which often includes family and friends. But as a leader, have you ever thought about being thankful for your employees? If not, take a moment to ask yourself why not. Click for more

Payor Panel at HBMA's Fall Conference
An Overview of What You May Have Missed
By Suzi Hall
At the 2015 HBMA Fall Conference, the Payor Panel featured two hot topics – ERA/EFT and ICD-10. HBMA brought together representatives from Humana, Aetna, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare to share important information and answer members' questions. In case you missed the panel, here's an overview of the discussion. Click for more

Beating the Blame Game: Part Two
Feature Story
By Kevin Herring
In the first part of this article, which ran in the September/October 2015 issue of Billing, we saw how an accounting manager came to realize that poor processes and systems caused staff to make mistakes and generally have poor performance. Click for more

Exploring the MPFS Indicators
Coding Corner
By Jackie Miller, RHIA, CCS-P, CPC
The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) lists the Relative Value Units (RVUs) for each CPT or HCPCS code. However, it also contains a number of payment policy indicators that tell you how Medicare characterizes the service and how it will be reimbursed. In this column we'll briefly review the indicators and how to interpret them. Click for more

Make Printing Spreadsheets Easier: Part Two
By Nate Moore, CPA, MBA, CMPE
As I discussed in part one of this series of articles on printing spreadsheets in the September-October Billing, there are many advantages to printing spreadsheets, even if the spreadsheets are printed as PDF files. Click for more

RCM's Growing Complexities and Solutions
From the Road
By Dave Jakielo
Less than a decade ago the revenue cycle management (RCM) process consisted of sending a bill to the appropriate third party who covered the patient. Upon receipt of their payment, you would send the remaining balance to the patient to collect any amount due. Click for more

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