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Take the next step in your career as a revenue cycle management professional. Earn your Certified Healthcare Business Management Executive (CHBME) certification and showcase your knowledge and skills to your peers, employer, and clients. As a designated CHBME, you prove that you are dedicated to revenue cycle management services and committed to continuing professional education in this fast-changing, challenging industry.

The CHBME program is offered to anyone in the revenue cycle management field and is designed for owners, senior management, and compliance professionals. This rigorous program plays a dual role in, 1) giving candidates a way to differentiate themselves from their peers and 2) enhancing the revenue cycle management profession through the validation of established skills and competencies. 

HBMA is committed to the development and delivery of the highest quality educational programs and has created a process to allow for the documentation of competency and excellence. The successful completion of Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) and the CHBME exam ensure that the evaluated knowledge and skills are fully aligned with industry competencies for revenue cycle management professionals. The primary responsibilities of a revenue cycle management professional create the six domains of knowledge covered by the CHBME exam.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Operations
  • Customer Relations
  • Technology
  • Compliance and Legal

You can access our Exam Resources Here.

Lets Get Started!

To apply for the CHBME program, complete the CHBME Application found on your "My Account" page. Once accepted, participants have three years to complete 45 CEUs through a combination of HBMA-sponsored and non-sponsored programs. 

The CHBME program is available to both members and non members at this time. Being a member gives you discounts on the fess and education to maintain your certification!

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Maintaining Certification

To keep the CHBME designation, certificants must pay a $150 renewal fee at the beginning of each calendar year and complete 45 credit hours within three years of taking the exam or your last renewal period. Credit hours can be obtained by HBMA sponsored programing and non-HBMA sponsored programing. 

50 percent of credit hours (at least 22.5 credits) must be from HBMA sponsored programs. HBMA offers a variety of annual education programs to earn credits toward your CHBME.

  • HBMA Sponsored Hours
    • HBMA Healthcare Revenue Cycle Conference
    • Recorded Conference Sessions
    • HBMA Compliance Symposium
    • Webinars (Live or Recorded)
  • HBMA Committee or Board Members: Three credit hours per year up to nine hours total in a three-year cycle.
  • HBMA Course Instructors: Three credit hours for each instructional hour with a maximum of 27 credits per three-year renewal cycle.
  • Contributing Written Articles: Three credit hours per article published in an HBMA publication.
  • Quizzes in RCM Advisor Journal: One credit per quiz. Maximum of six hours per year; 18 hours total in a three-year cycle.

Up to 50 percent of credit hours* (maximum of 22.5 credits) can be from non-HBMA sponsored programs.

*Certificants must submit certificates of attendance to HBMA to be awarded credit

Members can review their current credits and easily identify what credits are still needed by accessing their "My CHBME" page in their personal account.

Why Become Certified?

CHBME certification validates that your knowledge and skills align with industry standards which have been determined by a third party entity. The designation shows that you are reliable, accountable, and trusted revenue cycle management professional. 

What does CHBME mean for you?  

•    Showcases your exceptional quality standards and service 
•    Increases your credibility to providers
•    Emphasizes your commitment to education and remaining in touch with changes in the industry
•    You possess the potential to increase your earning power and open new career opportunities
•    Elevates and differentiates your skillset in biller search tools 

What does a CHBME say about your company? 

•    Your company demonstrates dedication to the profession 
•    Your company possesses an expansive knowledge of the field and can reduce the risk of non-compliance
•    Your company supports strong leadership and you are a more skilled and competent staff member 
•    Your company exemplifies organizational excellence and is committed to strong revenue cycle management services