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Company Compliance Accreditation

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Let your clients–and potential clients–know that your compliance program is validated by HBMA.

The HBMA Compliance Accreditation Program establishes standards to help you safeguard protected health information (PHI). The program includes a thorough review and evaluation of your organization’s implementation and adherence to HIPAA (including all aspects of the Privacy and Security Rules, HITECH, and Omnibus) and OIG compliance standards (FWA, Stark, Anti-kickback, and the OIG work-plan).

Why compliance should be a primary focus of your company?

  • Demonstrate to clients that your company fosters an atmosphere of compliance
  • Protect your company from sanctions, fines, jail

Accreditation Brochure

Read the full list of terms and conditions.

A Full List of Accredited Companies Can Be Found Here.

Why use HBMA Compliance Accreditation Program?

  • HBMA member company savings
  • Program tailored to the needs of HBMA member companies
  • Step-by-step program makes the process easy
  • Personal guidance through the program
  • Offload day-to-day minutia of compliance
  • Managed program with online dashboard that provides visual feedback
  • Structured employee online compliance training
  • On-call professional compliance support
  • Policy templates provided

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